Everything You Need to Know About Volume Eyelash Extensions

Nearly two years ago, I approached my first appointment for eyelash extensions with trepidation. The idea of getting individual false lashes painstakingly glued to my real lashes seemed, well, strange. Before going to local brow and lash studio Brow Chic, which has locations in St. Paul and Northeast Minneapolis, I considered eyelash extensions so not me—they always looked too fake and over-the-top for my everyday beauty look. But after seeing how natural they looked on an acquaintance, I thought I’d give Brow Chic a try.

Ever since, I’ve been hooked. Now, I wake up looking fresh, awake, ready to take on the day—and free from those annoying morning-after under-eye mascara smudges.

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to amp up my lash regiment with Brow Chic’s new volume lash service. Instead of one individual faux lash glued to one individual real lash, these lashes are added to the original lash in a fan of two to three, doubling or tripling the volume of lashes. And because the volume amps up the overall look of eyelash extensions, the lashes are finer in appearance, making for a more fluttery, softer, and more natural appearance.

While the initial appointment can last up to two and a half hours and costs $300, an appointment for a fill (recommended once every three weeks) only takes an hour and 15 minutes and costs $100, and is integral for maintaining the look of the lashes.

Even for a lash addict such as myself, Brow Chic’s volume lash expert Lynn had some great tips and recommendations for me to make my lashes look their best—and last up until my next appointment:

  • Get a lash tint. Lash tinting adds impact to the look of eyelash extensions, especially for natural redheads and blondes like myself (and to make those neglected lower lashes pop.) Before getting lashes added, make sure to add this service.
  • Avoid getting eyes wet for 48 hours. It takes 48 hours for the lashes to fully set. It sounds like a long time, but it makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping your lashes intact. Wash your face with a washcloth instead of splashing it with water, and avoid getting your face wet in the shower.
  • Invest in a silk pillowcase. For me, one of the biggest challenges in keeping my lash extensions intact is my sleeping style—face down, or on my side, both of which mean I have the tendency to move my face around on my pillow, causing wear and tear on my lashes. A silk pillowcase acts as a buffer to keep lashes from getting caught up in the cotton fibers of regular pillowcases.
  • Get your brows done. A strong, sleek brow only enhances the look of eyelash extensions. Brow Chic offers brow waxing, threading, and tinting services.
  • Ditch your mascara (except for your lower lashes). Mascara contains chemicals that can break down the bond of the lash.
  • Use only oil-free makeup removers. Oils found in many makeup removers can weaken the bond of the lash. (Brow Chic has some in stock.)

With these tips and Brow Chic’s naturally beautiful volume lashes, you’ll be looking fresh-faced and ready for spring.

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