Fab Floral

Get out of the long-stemmed-red-roses rut with floral arrangements in fresh combinations—and unexpected containers.

Oversize blooms—saucer-like dahlias and globular ranunculus—mix monochromatic soft colors and play off hand-painted petals. Santa Fe urn, $175, and oversize pewter tray, $450, both from Xcentric Goods, 707 W. 34th Street, Minneapolis, 612-827-8043. 

Floral arrangements in metal containers

From left to right:

  • The shiny, graphic form of anthurium and delicate lace of tropical umbrella fern pair dramatically with a traditional antique pewter coffeepot, $95, Xcentric Goods. 
  • A Japanese funeral urn with a hand-carved bird and bamboo relief, $32 at Xcentric Goods, springs to life with a garden of ruffled anemones and dainty princess pine. 
  • Create a waterfall-shaped arangement using a flower frog base to hold each peony and rose that tumbles down from a raised center layered with grevillea and furry upright amaranthus. The sterling silver Liberty of London compote dish, $410, Xcentric Goods, lends a grand effect to the centerpiece. (Cut flowers the day before and place in warm water overnight to open fully.)