Fair Maidens

I am feeling very sad today, because I am otherwise engaged tonight, and tonight is the fantastic Maiden Minnesota event at the Graves 601 Hotel in Minneapolis.

If you haven’t heard of Maiden Minnesota before, here’s the quick history. Tracy Dyer, founder of the awesome Urban Junket bags and Jen Stack, of Relish Minds PR, decided to get women together to raise awareness for women-owned, independent businesses.

So basically, what that means is, it’s one night of shopping where all the products are local, owned by women, and beautifully designed. I am proud to be a part of a community that has so many enterprising, intelligent, talented women.

And! $5 from each ticket goes to supporting Free Arts Minnesota, an organization that brings arts programming and mentorships to abused, neglected, and at-risk youth and families in the state. Amazing.

If you want to support the local economy, this has got to be one of the very best ways to do so. And you will actually meet the fabulous women behind these product lines. There are more than 35 companies participating—everything from baby accoutrements (Baby Elephant Ears) to gourmet food items (Cocoa & Fig, Golden Fig), safe beauty products (Fusion LifeSpa, Greenbody Greenplanet), jewelry (Karin Jacobson), handbags (Nelle, Heddy Freddy) and more, more, more.

Is your heart racing yet? Feeling that familiar burning-in-the-pocket sensation of your dollars afire? You—and the dollars—should be. Now, go!

Tickets $30 at the door (includes one drink ticket). Graves 601 Hotel Minneapolis, 601 1st Ave. N., 612-677-1100, maidenminnesota.com