Fall 2014 Beauty Trends

The hottest makeup trends this season

Can you feel it in the air? Maybe you’ve noticed the geese gathering up and filling our skies. The air is getting a little crisper at night, and last evening was definitely perfect for a comfy sweater. No, we are not totally giving up our warm sunshine days to autumn yet, but we are definitely heading that way.

With a fabulous summer under our belt, it feels good to look forward to new opportunities, autumn traditions, and, yes, what is upcoming in the beauty world for all those fall parties and holidays.

First, there are a few looks that are staying consistent from summer. Flawless skin and full lashes with a flush of color on the cheeks has real staying power, and is here for another season—so keep drinking those fresh juices and plenty of water. In the same lines as a flawless complexion, nude lips will be everywhere (Try Beauty Counter’s Twig).

Something we have not seen in a while is adding a touch of metallic to a featured part of the face. You can try lining your eye in a metallic pencil, or use a little metallic eye shadow. Don’t forget the lips for a third look using metallic—you’ll be seeing a host of 70’s-inspired metallic glosses and lipsticks on the shelves.

For the adventurous beauty lovers, you will love pushing the color limits with bold color, and a defined eye.

I hope this puts a few useful tools in your autumn arsenal. Have fun rocking and adapting and these fun trends to your own personal style.

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