Family Ties

There are a few women who can carry off a bow tie or neck tie—see: Janelle Monae—but I am not one of them. So it’s been with a certain amount of envy that I’ve been watching the rise of amazing local neckwear brand Pierrepont Hicks. The ties are preppy and natty and dapper and handsome, but not without a little humor.

I always debate dipping my toe in the menswear waters, but every time I’ve even thought about borrowing a tie from my husband, I end up feeling silly or like a server and I’ve never actually left the house wearing one. (I don’t know how the J. Crew models pull it off, but I want whatever they have.)

But now—and maybe not for much longer—you and I can have our very own women’s version: Bow tie belts! Made with the same aesthetic that I love about the men’s line, and yet, they suddenly feel super girly. All of them would be impossibly cute tied around a sundress or as a cardigan closure.  Perfect.

My pick? The Conrad Reversible Bow Tie made with camelhair wool and silk. So chic.

$75-$85 from Pierrepont Hicks, for a limited time.