Favorite Things for Summer!

As if her annual Favorite Things show weren’t enough (how many audience members can they find that will cry and writhe with joy on national television?), Oprah recently gave into her producers’ pleas and did a Favorite Things for Summer show. Even I went a little wild, after a season of watching reruns.

Since the Weber Genesis grill was a bit out of scope for me, I settled for trying the BEST TURKEY BURGER EVER!!!!!!! (this is me, trying to imitate Ohps on a blog). The recipe comes from the chef at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s private club in Palm Beach. I actually prefer turkey to beef when it comes to burgers (unless it’s one of Dara’s picks) so I did feel somewhat faint when the Don personally released this recipe on the show. I made them last weekend for my family, who are serious about their burgers, and you know what? Best turkey burger ever. Well, if I’m not counting Edina Grill’s spicy, curried, peanut-y masterpiece, which I crave every 7-10 days.

Before you try this at home, please note that I did cut the recipe in half (we used two lbs. of turkey for four people—and still had leftovers), used slightly less salt (a wise decision), and skipped the two hours in the fridge—the burgers held together just find. I didn’t make the pear chutney, rather served Major Grey’s mango chutney (available at Byerly’s) on the side, which complemented the burgers much better then ketchup or mustard.

I made the burgers while wearing a pair of FitFlops, another Oprah fave. Created by Marcia Kilgore, the owner of Bliss Spa in NYC, these are being touted as “flip-flops with a built-in  gym.”  The sole is made with a fancy destabilizing foam that’s supposed to provide a workout when you walk.  After sporting them around the office (where my female colleagues were too excited to even notice that I was wearing red and white rubber shoes with a pencil skirt), and then over the weekend, I concluded that FitFlops a) are far more comfortable and cushiony than my leather capri sandals from JCrew; b) are far too chunky and spongy for me to wear with anything in my closet; and c) actually did make my calf muscles burn ever so slightly.  If this sounds good to you, then by all means—pick up a pair at Macy’s.