Five Things We're Still Wondering After Macy's Glamorama

By Joel Hoekstra, interim editor-in-chief, and gent-about-town, and guest Style File blogger
1. How can we bottle the glamorous vibe? We’re all for casual, but Minnesota’s dressing-down trend has gotten us a reputation for being schlumpy (Dockers at 20.21? Clogs at the Guthrie?). Glamorama should be the welcome exception to the rule, the once-a-year event when locals rouge it up, slip on the garters, curl the locks, and take a bit of pride in their appearance. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?
2. Is the fur wrap back? We’re not naming names when it comes to the designer in question, but we haven’t seen shoulder coverings like that since Mamie Eisenhower was in the White House. Egads. 
3. How cold was that water? ’Cuz apparently nothing could cool the enthusiasm of the Orpheum crowd, which went crazy when the show’s male models stepped on stage dripping wet and wearing nothing but designer skivvies. After that, even Ne-yo had nothing to say but g’night.
4. Does everything taste better wrapped in prosciutto?
5. Is there anyplace that feels more big-city and glam than the top of the Macy’s parking ramp? Seriously, standing on the red carpet, surrounded by svelte models and glass high-rises, it was easy to feel like Minneapolis was a fashionable metropolis. Here’s hoping we never wake up from the dream.


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