Flea For All

Spring has sprung at Bachman’s with the unearthing of a new vintage-themed retail concept at its Lyndale, Plymouth, and Eden Prairie locations. The perennial destination for plants and flowers has teamed up with popular flea-market aficionado and author Ki Nassauer on an eclectic collection of vintage finds, repurposed artifacts, and locally crafted home décor.

(1) Mix-n-match book vase, $4.50 per book, vases from $3 (flowers sold separately). (2) Sheet metal “Eat” sign, $45. (3) Painted aluminum “Flowers” sign, $100. (4) Recycled-glass dish, $13–$18. (5) Barn pulley, $30, and stand, $18–$20. (6) Vintage silverware hooks, $9–$10. (7) Flattened and stamped silverware with assorted messages, $7 each. For store locations, visit bachmans.com.

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