Foraging for Great Shopping

You guys, Forage Modern Workshop is officially among my favorite stores in the Twin Cities. If you have not been there yet, I implore you to get over there. It is really becoming the hustle-bustle place I dreamed it could and should and would be upon my first visit near their opening date.

Here are a few bullet point-y reasons why:

1. Super high-quality handmade goods. Artisans and masters.

2. I was able to buy a gift for all the mothers in my life—for Mother’s Day, naturally—there: my grandma, my mom, my older sister, and my sister-in-law. They were all vastly different gifts—a pillow with a dog printed on it to a bracelet to a wood wine stopper—but we were receieved with equal enthusiasm. And I didn’t break the bank. And yet…

3. Luxury and/or high-spender goods. Higher-end bath and body products, deliciously cozy throws, linens and accent pieces, artfully constructed furniture (which, actually, I think has a completely rational and reasonable price point).

4. A cohesive aesthetic. Midcentury goodness comingles with new, modern takes on the subject. And it manages to feel fresh and new.

5. The addition of Parka. It infuses the shop with an energy that makes it feel like a hipster twist on shopping at a certain old-school department store we all love and miss.

When I walk in the store, I immediately see pieces that make my heart adopt the pitter-patter that I recognize as the rhythm of my style radar. Pieces I’d never regret buying, that would claim a special space in my house, my gatherings, my memories. That’s how you should feel about your space and your belongings. I’m so excited to watch it grow.

They’re having a sale this weekend—take heart if you’re out of town, because you can also catch a sidewalk vintage sale on June 1—or check out the new Larissa Loden jewelry created exclusively for the store.

Forage Modern Workshop
4023 E. Lake St., Mpls.

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