Four Summer Products I Can't Live Without

Summer is here in full force and that means taking it easy, especially in the style department. Each year I find a few products that I fall love with: a certain pair of sandals, a new way of taming humidity-prone hair, a summer cocktail to toast to the season. Here are this year’s picks for sipping and wearing all summer long.

1. Masu’s Rano Pano : Gin with Pickled Watermelon Sour
This surprising combo delivers a perfectly balanced drink, hitting each sweet, sour, and salty note perfectly. It’s an unexpected twist on a summer drink, and is preferably to be sipped sitting on Masu‘s sidewalk patio, toasting to great summer style.

2. Coconut Oil
This pantry item has been my go-to body and facial moisturizer, split-end tamer, lip balm, and deep conditioner. I recommend this product to anyone who’s willing to give oil-based products a try. Store in a cool place, warm in between hands, and apply where necessary. (Available at grocery stores, such as Trader Joe’s.)

3. American Apparel Twist Scarf
These little American Apparel guys are a scarf-wearing girl’s best friend. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, these twist scarves have an internal wire that easily molds to the shape you desire and stays in place better than traditional scarves.

4. Vamp Jelly Sandals from Zara
Zara continues to knock it out of the park with their line of shoes. I particularly like their line of sandals this summer, keeping the styles chic, comfortable, and wearable. These Vamp Jelly Sandals are my most recent Zara acquisition and I wear them with everything. Perfect with breezy linen pants, flowing summer dresses, or a fitted tee and relaxed cut-off shorts.