French Connection

Feminine European style becomes St. Paul’s latest import

Nestled into an intimate nook at the end of a Parisian-like alleyway sits Allee Metro Chic (pronounced ah-lay, it’s French for alley). Except it’s not in Paris—it’s in St. Paul.

This is the first fashion venture for mother-daughter team June Berkowitz (Nina’s Coffee Café) and Kelissa Stempski, though you would never know it. They import pieces from across the pond, but there are items from across the river, too: We love local designer Jessika Madison-Kennedy’s take on ’60s shifts.

The result is a collection featuring sophisticated, feminine tailoring—think tops and coats trimmed with bows and ruffles—that remains approachable. (Indeed, it’s the very combination of such things that leads us to adore French style.)

Allee’s offerings might make a shopper long for a special occasion. But we should know by now—the French certainly do—that every day is worthy of such style.

Allee Metro Chic
179 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul


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