Get Out There

The Walker celebrates 25 years of groundbreaking theatre

When it began, in the 1980s, the Walker Art Center’s Out There festival of adventurous theatre was held at the Southern Theater. It was January, a time for holing up at home, which added to the mystique. Who would venture out to see these bohemian acts in the freezing night?

The early years were full of the kind of dramatic, self-referencing solo performance art then predominant. That’s changed in 25 years. So has the venue—this year’s festival, focused on the blurring lines between reality and myth and the changing nature of theatre itself, will run January 10 to February 2 in the Walker’s own McGuire Theater.

The Walker has descriptions of the shows and video clips on its website.

We’ll offer a preview here. This is a teaser from Back to Back Theatre’s Ganesh Versus the Third Reich, a sly story about the Hindu god seeking to reclaim the swastika symbol from the Nazis.


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