Getting Snippy

After growing out her hair for her summer 2010 wedding, Kirsten had done no planning for what would come next. So it grew. And grew some more.

Let this be a lesson to you: If you mention to me that you’re cutting your hair, there’s a high likelihood I’ll be getting in the middle of your hair decision. Who doesn’t love seeing a transformation? You can count Steven, master colorist, and Zoe, master stylist at Juut Gaviidae in on this list.

Here’s where we started:

Kirsten came armed with some celebrity haircuts she liked, but was open to stylist recommendations. Zoe pronounced her asymmetrical likes “totally on-trend” but also very doable, and because Kirsten’s hair is her own color, untouched by chemicals (I know! Believe it!) she was a perfect candidate for hair donation. Off came the 10-inch braid!

Then Steven set to work. To give Kirsten’s hair some dimension and texture, he foiled her whole mane with three shades of blonde and light brown. “we’re switching from soft and shiny to something with lift and bounce,” he explains. “This is the kind of color that people won’t notice.”

Once processed, Kirsten moved over to Zoe’s chair. “I am loving the fearlessness lately of women being willing to cut their hair,” she says. “We shouldn’t limit ourselves when it comes to styles.”

Here are the results of Kirsten’s fearlessness. I think we can all agree she looks completely fabulous, yes?



And what does Kirsten think? She’s still doing a double-take when she passes the mirror, but she’s loving the super-natural hair color—some people didn’t even realize it was done—and that it forces her to put a little maintenance time in (i.e. honing the style instead of pulling into a ponytail all the time). I’d call that a major success.

Much thanks to Kirsten for the courage, and Juut Gaviidae, Steven, and Zoe for the collaboration!