Getting That Wedding-Bells Glow

To wrap up our wedding-related week over here at TC Style, I had to share with you one of the best deals I have seen for top-notch skin care outside of Groupon-type deals. The illustrious Angie at Skin Klinic is offering crazy-awesome rock-bottom-price deals for skin care packages to help you get ready for the big day—whether you’re the bride, in the wedding party, or just want to put your best face forward at the reception. (You can read about the highly effective hydrafacial Angie did for me this past winter to see if it’s something you might be into. The service now includes a diamond-tip microdermabrasion.)

To give you an example (check out all the deals at Skin Klinic’s website), the Express Glow package includes three hydrafacials or micropeels, a brow and lip wax, and a brow tint for $375, which is a savings of $115. To go all out, book the Picture Perfect Glow package, which includes six hydrafacials or micropeels, two brow and lip waxes, and two brow tints for $750—the value on the hydrafacials alone is $870 on that one! Spots, fine lines, and other skin troubles will be nonexistent by the big day, plus I can’t say enough about Angie and her warm but technically superior services.

She also told me that if you purchase a package of six facials, you can choose a different facial each time you come in for a visit, based on your needs. “That means that if my client comes in and feels they need a stronger peel that day, we can do that. But if they need hydration, we’ll do a hydrafacial and a mask,” she says. “I have all the tools and I use what tools I need that day for that person instead of going by whatever service they booked and sticking to that protocol only.” Those set-of-six packages include the hydrafacial, microdermabrasion, micropeel with dermaplaning, or customized facials. And chemical peel add-ons are only $30! That package is only $175, whereas if you paid for microderm, hydrafacial, and peel, it would run you in the neighborhood of $400.  There are also nearly 50 percent off deals on IPL, fractional laser resurfacing, and special rates on Botox and product. See what I mean about crazy deals? Book today to make sure you get all your appointments in before the big day.

And here’s one other skin care tip: The European Wax Center is opening up its fifth franchise in the Twin Cities in Eden Prairie next week, and they’re celebrating by giving away waxes for the first week they’re open. In order to get in on the action, go to their website and register for the Eden Prairie Grand Opening Guest List. Ladies, this includes everything from brow and lip to a full Brazilian wax—and guys, you’re not left out either: everything from eyebrows and nose to back and chest will be fair game. (The appointments are June 11-13 and the 15.) The EWC prides itself on its stripless beeswax, which is said to have a much more comfortable removal process. Report back if you score a spot!