Gingerbread Wonderland

The Norway House plays host to the third annual confectionary ceremony

Gingerbread Wonderland

photo courtesy of norway house


It’s a holiday catch-22: The more impressive a gingerbread house, the more you want to both eat and preserve it. That makes the Minneapolis Norway House’s Gingerbread Wonderland, in its third year, equally heart-warming and frustrating—with meticulously iced gingerbread replicas of Twin Cities edifices. Last year saw a pretzel-columned Minneapolis City Hall and a toasted Mill City Museum. Local bakers embrace the finicky materials (hard candies prone to evaporate, for example, making them unsound as, say, flying buttresses), but, fortunately, Norway House provides architecturally optimal dough and icing recipes for amateurs looking to contribute a metro structure to the snowed-in cookie village between November 7 and 17.

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