Grandma's Silver Gets a Modern Makeover

photo by ani djaferian

Entertaining guests used to mean pulling out the good silver—and the painstaking chore of polishing it. Fortunately, Julia Moss discovered a way to preserve the timeless elegance of vintage silver while adding a modern twist by powder-coating pieces in bold, glossy, solid colors—eliminating the need to polish. After launching her company, Julia Moss Designs, last year, she recently opened an Uptown Minneapolis showroom dedicated to her designs: a mix-and-match collection of vintage silver trays, platters, and catchalls.

The color, Moss says, “makes the pieces pop and brings out beauty you don’t see when they’re silver.” It creates an aesthetic that looks like the antique store mated with a modern art museum gift shop (some of her designs are in fact stocked at the Walker Shop).

And if you’d like to have one of your own heirloom silver pieces powder-coated, Moss also offers custom design services. •