Grooming Gifts for Dad

I travel for work—sometimes a couple times a month. While I am away, my husband becomes a single parent, something I consider to be a superhero. He takes care of our daughter, works a full-time job, keeps our house spotless, takes care of our dog, and still asks me what I want for dinner when I get home. He holds down the fort. 

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I have been trying to find the perfect present to say thank you. I haven’t quite decided on one, but I thought I’d share some past gifts that have been a hit, and some ideas for this year. I hope it inspires you to find the perfect gift to honor the fathers in your life.

Shaving: something most men do almost everyday. What if you could make it one of the best parts of their day?

The Art of Shaving
Their philosophy includes four simple, but equally important, steps:
1. Prepare (pre-shave oil to protect skin and soften the beard)—My husband swears by this product.
2. Lather (shaving cream applied with a shaving brush)
3. Shave (sharp razor)
4. Moisturize (to soothe the skin)

The Mall of America store has a friendly, knowledgeable staff, including barbers that will give dad a great shave and “how-to” instructions for home. The product kits are based on skin type, and formulated with aromatherapy benefits. The results? A smooth, comfortable shave and a great-smelling dad.

Kiehl’s has a men’s travel kit with a sampling of products including their Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream. This shave cream has been a favorite at my house since the first time my husband and I visited the original Kiehl’s store in the East Village of New York City 18 years ago. I still carry it in my kit for grooming jobs and male models love and appreciate it. This is a nice introduction to Kiehl’s and especially appropriate for a dad that travels.

I recently wandered into MartinPatrick3 where I rediscovered one of the best-smelling lines I have ever inhaled, called Aesop. They have a lovely array of unisex products. The Moroccan neroli shaving serum is particularly intoxicating, as is the vetiver-scented deodorant (It reminds me of my grandfather.) This line has something for dad that you can use, too.

Additionally, they also carry Malin+Goetz, which is another wonderful line based on the idea of simple multitasking items that work especially well on sensitive skin. I love the Vitamin E shaving cream and the mojito lip balm. The store also has one of the best selection of men’s accessories in the cities.

Other ideas I have been considering:

Regardless of what gifts you choose to give, the most important thing is to let those dads  know how much you appreciate all they do every single day and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Happy Father’s Day!