Guide to Minnesota Podcasts

Discover your favorite local podcast from our list of networks and shows covering topics from pop culture, to the Twin Cities arts scene, to issues in our community.

Discover your favorite local Minnesota podcast from our list of networks and shows covering topics from pop culture, to the Twin Cities arts scene, to issues in our community. Are we missing a podcast? Shoot an email to our edit team and we’ll get you added.

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Minnesota Culture:

Art Hounds
MPR previews art events they’re looking forward to this week, in short 5-10 minute installments.

Counter Stories
A discussion of race, identity, and life in Minnesota for people of color. Click here to check out all MPR podcasts.

Joan of Art
Local artist Joan Vorderbruggen talks with others in the local arts community about their creative process, projects, and lives as artists.

Makers of Minnesota
An in-depth conversation about uniquely Minnesotan products and services and the people behind them, hosted by Stephanie Hansen of myTalk 107.1.

The News from Lake Wobegon
Garrison Keillor brings the latest news from the fictional town, made famous by A Prairie Home Companion.

Reflections of New Minnesotans
This weekly hour-long radio show explores how Minnesota—through legislation, media, and the general population—are responding to its newest inhabitants.

This behind-the-scenes look at the local art world features conversations with artists and curators, produced by The Soap Factory. podcast
This podcast seeks to start a conversation about current issues facing the Minnesota community, like transportation and land use.

Weekly Planner
Weekly Planner is a podcast about the people who work behind the scenes to make things happen around the Twin Cities, hosted by Andy Krueger. The show features interviews with event planners, artists, and entrepreneurs.

University of Minnesota Bookstore
Taped recordings of actual in-store author events lets you listen to your favorite author presentations without having to attend.


Geeks Without God
A podcast hosted by three geeky atheist comedians that explores the intersection of humor, godlessness, and all things geek.

Mustache Rangers
The improv comedy team has been performing since 2005 and recording weekly podcast episodes since 2007. They describe themselves as a “unique mix of Curb Your Enthusiasm style humor and Buck Rogers adventure.”

Next at Bat
This improvisational podcast features interviews and sketch comedy with local improvisers and comics.

Nixon vs. Kennedy
A sketch comedy podcast featuring live and recorded performances.

Regret Labs
In this comedic, yet educational podcast, science novices Aric and Levi attempt to explain various concepts and then consult with experts to see where they went wrong.

Teknikal Diffikulties
A “nerdy” sketch comedy podcast from writer/producer/host Cayenne Chris Conroy.

Entertainment & Sports:

20 Years of Nitro
20 Years of Nitro is a wrestling podcast that recaps the glory days of WCW in the 1990s. Hosted by two Minnesota natives from a basement in Fridley, there’s frequent mention of local connections, as many wrestlers came from, or passed through, Minnesota.

Apples 2 Apples
Father and son duo Scott and Drew Applebaum compare notes about sports, hoping to find out whether father really knows best.

Aw Jeez: A Fargo Podcast
Hosts Tracy Mumford and Jay Gabler consult with Fargo insiders and fans alike about the acclaimed FX show, which is partially set in Minnesota.

Cube Critics
MPR movie maven Stephanie Curtis and MPR arts reporter Euan Kerr star in this movie podcast program.

Double Bill
Connections (or the lack thereof) between various media are explored in this conversational podcast.

Magic the Amateuring
The podcast is for fans of Magic: the Gathering, whether you’re a new player, returning to the game, or just like to laugh. In equal parts informative, nerdy, and funny, Magic the Amateuring gives anyone who loves Magic a place to call home.

A podcasting network that promotes local creativity in all forms, from music composition to sketch comedy.

The Nordeast Podcast
Podcast from northeast Minneapolis that talks MN sports, pop culture, and craft brews. Featuring exclusive music by Lazerbeak of Doomtree.

Totes Recall
A group of improvisers take their best shot at recalling details of movies before watching them again for the first time in years.

The Wayne Gale Variety Hour
A group of friends joke about current events in pop culture, music, and film.

Wild Wednesdays
Calling all hockey fans! Scott Schwietz and Sarah Sheeley discuss the Minnesota Wild, the NHL, and contemporary hockey.


The Birdchick
Passionate birder Sharon Stiteler and her skeptical husband Bill talk local birding in this irreverent podcast.

Brains On! Science Podcast
This kid-friendly podcast de-mystifies scientific concepts for listeners of all ages.

The Good Podcast
Lifestyle expert Ross Sveback shares tips and talks best of the best in food, fashion, and more.

Math is Hard Network
These “podcasts for nerds” cover real-life issues, pop-culture passions, and more.

MN Pubcast with Jason & Molly
Any and all pub talk is fair game in this true-to-life podcast.

The Pratfalls of Parenting
Working parents share their stories with fellow creative type (and dad) Levi Weinhagen.

Professional Humans
”‹Elli Rader and Josh Berg explore the challenges people face to improve the quality of experience at work, and finding a balance between work and life.

The Social Reserve
Two local writers explore the complexities of modern life, from combating social anxiety to succeeding at work.

This Moved Med
Speaker and presenter Sally Koering Zimney hosts a weekly discussion on the art of public speaking, joined by other speakers ranging from TED Talk presenters to up-and-coming talent.

Small Town Horror
From the author of the Crazytown mystery series is a podcast about unveiling secrets of small town Crayton, Minn.

Stewed Media
Conversations about the creative pursuits and career paths of local media types.

The Talking Points Podcast
”‹Arik Hanson (ACH Communications) and Kevin Hunt (General Mills) talk about the latest news in public relations, communications, marketing, and social media.

The Tom Barnard Network
A podcast from the local radio personality joins others from comedians, attorneys, and more in this diverse network.

Two Drinks In
Serving Minnesota nice over ice, the weekly podcast features four Minnesota transplants discussing a variety of topics drawn from a hat—from pop culture to current events to whatever else captures their attention.

Humor meets heart as Kate O’Reilly and Jenn Schaal use this podcast to discuss the ups and downs of life.

Health & Wellness:

Alive and Social Network
Local personalities discuss everything from culture and entertainment to politics and health in this expansive podcast network.

Alzheimer’s Speaks
This moving and educational podcast explores the ways in which the disease affects our lives, through conversations with patients and caregivers.

Anxious Machine
Rob McGinley Myers explains how humans are impacted by the machines and technologies we’ve invented.

Fresh & Local Podcast
Susan Berkson of the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market talks with local food experts about everything from food safety to recipe ideas.

Great Northern Sexcast
Your resource for everything you’ve wanted to know but never asked about sex and intimacy, featuring Kelly Guest, and Colleen Bertino, the CEO of Fantasy Gifts.

Laurie Wondra YourLifeCore
Laurie Wondra is an intuitive channeler, light and energy worker, teacher, and author. Her podcast is designed to build awareness and offer guidance to the world of energy that surrounds each of us.

Picture of Health
MPR news medical commentator Dr. Jon Hallberg and All Things Considered host Tom Crann discuss issues in health and the health care industry.


Climate Cast
MPR Meteorologist Paul Huttner explores the latest research and news in climate change.

MPR News with Kerri Miller and Tom Weber
The MPR hosts expand upon current events stories through conversations with local journalists, writers, historians, and more.

Policast and Political Junkie with Ken Rudin
The local and national political scenes are highlighted through breaking news stories and thoughtful conversations in these MPR podcasts.