Hate Winter? Try this Treatment.

I am not a winter person. I have this revelation every year on or around January 2. The feeling is heightened by below-zero weather. Since I won’t be jetting off to someplace hot (or even mildly warm) anytime soon, I’m getting my little makeshift dose of sunshine from copious amounts of Vitamin D3 supplements (great for skin), daily saunas and steams at the gym, and the Ivy Spa Club’s new Ocean Memory body treatment ($225).

I’ve enjoyed some fabulous services at the Ivy, but this is the first one that’s made me feel as if I’d actually left the tundra. The Ocean Memory is designed to mimic the calming and therapeutic qualities of the sea and sand—and it does. In retrospect, I’ve attributed this feat to a winning combination of the hours I spent half-asleep in a warm, dark room (three); my kind and skilled massuese, Milly; and the ethereal algae exfoliating scrub, bubbling blue bath, soothing massage, detoxifying treatment, and body mousse that comprise the treatment. Prepare to relax afterward because you won’t be going for a jog.

While at the Ivy, you’ve got to try the new shea body butter line. Milly actually whips up these delicious, frosting-thick butters and they are so rich and soothing. I could eat the pear-scented one with a spoon, but usually I just apply to my hands and feet before bed so they are super smooth in the morning.


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