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Extrados’ hair and scalp spa treatment is straight-up heavenly

It’s too bad I’ll never be in a Miss America pageant, because I totally know my answer to the World Peace question. It would be easy, affordable (in the grand scheme of things), and quick. And people would like it! They would even love it! I just know it. Or maybe the president can recruit me for some peacekeeping missions; I have an army of people I could assemble pretty quickly. Are you ready for this? The answer: head massages. I’m completely serious. Who wants to have a road-rage episode after a good head massage? Absolutely zero people. Who wants to get in an argument with their husband after a good head massage? No wives (or husbands) I know! So when I found out Extrados Spa Salon was offering a new treatment that was essentially an hourlong head massage, I jumped at the opportunity to check it out. (You know, doing my research for world peace.)

Folks, I can report back that I feel fully peaceful and recommend it wholeheartedly. My treatment provider began by asking me about the state of my scalp (dry), my hair (deeply colored), and my hair-care routine (hurried). From there, she put together the products that would best serve my needs.

First, she massaged in some scalp oil—and then my memory blurs. As I closed my eyes, the salon bustle turned into soothing white noise and my blood pressure dropped some 25 points. When the massage was finished, we headed over to the shampoo bowl, where I got a wash-and-condition with another thorough massage. My hands and arms weren’t forgotten, either—they got a nice rubdown as well. Anyone who works on a computer (so, everyone?) knows how deliciously shivery it feels to get those tiny little tension knots worked out. Then, on our way back to the chair, I dipped my hands in hot paraffin and had them wrapped in towels so they would soak up all the moisture. My Extrados experience finished with a blowout.

Basically, this treatment is a super-luxe facial for your hair and scalp. I particularly noticed lasting results on my scalp, not to mention the deep calm that radiated from me. I’m telling you: world peace. Right in Linden Hills.

$65 and up. 4279 Sheridan Ave. S., Mpls., 612-920-0051, extrados.com

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