Homing Instinct

The onset of fall—and impending motherhood—have ratcheted up my obsession with home décor

I’ve found there’s no natural way to work “I’m pregnant” into a conversation, so here it is: I’m having a baby! My waistline is growing, I’ve had cravings (Laffy Taffy, Icees, papaya salad, French fries—everyone asks), and we’ve heard the heartbeat. I can feel the baby move as I type this. It’s thrilling!

When I initially conceived of this month’s section (like what I did there?), a baby felt light-years away. I chose a focus on home because I always loved back-to-school time. I still do. When the Earth starts to tilt, I harken back to fresh boxes of waxy Crayolas and crisp, clean notebooks. And post-school, that longing is filled with—you guessed it—nesting.

This year brings with it a whole other level of nesting. First, my husband and I are in Navy SEAL mode finishing up house projects, because we both know once baby gets here, all that will likely come to a grinding halt. (Sidenote: Calling the baby “it” or “baby” or “he/she” feels awfully impersonal, given how personal this is. We’ve taken to calling the baby Extra Smalls, after my husband William’s nickname for me, borrowed from the movie, The Sandlot: “You’re killin’ me, Smalls!”) Our backyard was full of shingles from a roof re-do. We’ve got paint ready to be put on walls. We’re making sure all our ducks are in a row, so to speak.

But with impending motherhood, the second level of nesting involves making sure our house is a home—for Extra Smalls. These first 18 weeks have been an exercise in patience and lack of control: hello, parenthood-in-training! But now I’m just one sweet, agonizing week away from knowing if Extra Smalls is a boy or girl.

Please believe there is going to be a nesting fiesta once I know the gender. Even shopping for this photo shoot was nearly impossible—my hormones were pleading with me to buy all things tiny and precious. But seriously, I know that having the right environment will help on days when everything else feels out of control—and there will be plenty. I know I’ll be taking some tips from our gorgeous pattern story on the following pages and pulling it through a nursery and baby gear.

This will definitely be the most adorable design project I’ll get to take part in. 


Hop To It

These little buddies are perfect for tiny hands. Threaded Basil bunnies, $16 each @ I Like You, 501 First Ave. NE, Mpls., 612-208-0249, ilikeyouonline.com

Building Blocks

Teach baby early with soft blocks. Love the modern design. Dwell Studio knit blocks, $40/set @ Pacifier, several metro locations, including 4942 France Ave. S., Edina, 952-767-6565, pacifieronline.com

bottle drying rack teether

Clean and Dry

Every parent has told me this bottle drying rack is a lifesaver. Lawn, $30; Stem and Twig drying racks, $6 each; @ Pacifier.

Take a Bite

Wooden teether toys, complete with touchy-feely tails. Oak Tree Arts wooden animal teether toys, $10-15 @ I Like You.