Hostess Gift Guide

Land of Amber Waves, $40 @ Golden Fig, 790 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651-602-0144,; pint glasses, $8 each @ Honeyshine, 2720 W. 43rd St., Mpls., 612-377-7300,; box, assorted sizes, $13–$25 @ The Container Store, 3825 Gallagher Dr., Edina, 952-831-3780,; Lift Bridge Getaway Pilsner and Lift Bridge Farm Girl beers @ Lift Bridge Brewing Co., 1900 Tower Dr. W., Stillwater, 888-430-2337,

Cheese platter

Cheese paper, $18/pack, wooden cheese knives, $12.50, and aluminum tags, $.75 each, all @ Foxglove Market Studio, 792 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651-214-4247,; Basil balsamic vinegar, $15 @ Golden Fig; cheeses, prices vary @ France 44 Cheese Shop, 4351 France Ave. S., Mpls., 612-925-3252,  

Stylist’s Tips

Remember things that you can “add” to someone’s collection. Small cheese knives are always handy.

If you are going to the house of someone who “has everything” think about amazing cheese as a great “luxury” gift. France 44 will cut cheese in any size, so you can get some very expensive cheese in a cost per portion that won’t break your budget

Cheese paper is a cool way to present the cheese and after you are done, you wrap the cheese in it for storage.  It keeps much longer than in a plastic bag.


Notebook, $8, stationery, $13/box, and pen, $32, all @ Russell + Hazel, 3510 Galleria, Ste. 3462, Edina, 952-204-3138,


Tote bag, $12 @ The Foundry Home Goods, 125 N. First St., Mpls., 612-333-8484,; champagne flutes, $64/set of four @ Honeyshine; chocolate, $6–$40 @ Max’s, 3826 Grand Way, St. Louis Park, 952-922-8364,  


Shhh Shower/Shampoo/Shave Bar, $17 @ StormSister Spatique, 612-716-5480,; soap dish, $35 @ Honeyshine; hand towels, $16 each @ The Foundry Home Goods  

Stylists’ Tips:

Becky Sturm of StormSister Spatique (located in West St. Paul) designed a soap for men and women that can be used for shower, shampoo, and shaving. It’s all-natural and comes in three scents. When buying a host/hostess gift think of “little luxuries” that people might not buy themselves, like great hand towels for a guest bathroom



 Bowl, $35 @ Russell + Hazel; scoops, $15 each @ The Foundry Home Goods; Lucite boxes, $1.79 each @ The Container Store 


Basil limeade, $14, and tote bag, $11, both @ Golden Fig; straws, $4/set of 20 @ Foxglove Market Studio 

Vintage games

Marc Vidal Bowling Set, $54, Ridley’s Magic Kit, $15, and Ridley’s Ping-Pong Set, $18, all @ Martin Patrick 3, 212 Third Ave. N., Ste. 106, Mpls., 612-746-5329,

Power bark

Stylists’ Tips

If you are going to a house where your host or hostess has a dog, don’t forget about man’s best friend—bring along one of these Minnesota-made goodies for the pup. 

Power Bark bar for dogs, $3 each @Urban Tails

Wicked candle pack

Chocolate-covered wine grapes, $5 @ Golden Fig; candle, $33 @ StormSister Spatique; Bottleabra, $10, burlap bag, $6, and coasters, $12/set of four, all @ Foxglove Market Studio

Stylists’ Tips

Becky’s candle in a wine glass is a great alternative to a bottle of wine. The 100% natural candle (comes in three scents) and is cool burning. Meaning you can use the warm wax as a hand and body oil. When your candle is done (after about 80 hours of burn time) the glass container is a high quality stemless wineglass.

The bottleabra is a fun gift to “accessorize” past bottles that you have brought as a host/hostess gifts. Simply put the bottleabra in the top of an emply bottle. Add a candle and let the wax run down the sides.


Tea pack

1/2 peck basket, $6, and towels, $30/set of four @ Foxglove Market Studio; loose tea @ Teavana; Jasmine Pearl Tea, $19 @ Golden Fig; scoop, $12, coasters, $6 each, tea strainer, $16, and glass pitcher, $24, all @ The Foundry Home Goods

Cabin Fever plate

Ceramic dish, $15.50 @ Mill City Museum

Stylist’s Tips

“CBN FVR”  is a great little plate to bring to a host/hostess “up north” this says it all about our desire to enjoy our second homes on a Minnesota Lake….or the home of a good friend. 

Mill city books

Mill City, $20, and Keystones of the Stone Arch Bridge, $8, both @ Mill City Museum; Mara Mi book plates, $6/pack @ Russell + Hazel

Stylist’s Tips

Carolyn Ruff, and author who lives in the Mill District just wrote a historical fiction book for children (and adults will find it to be an interesting read too!) about the building of the Stone Arch bridge. It’s fun to give books about the city where your host or hostess lives.

Bookplates are a great gift for the avid reader who shares his or her books. If you don’t want to guess what they would like to read next, give them a great looking book plate to write their name on and attach to the inside cover of books that they lend out.

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