Hot Humid Hair Help

When it’s 94 degrees out, but feels like 103, you can count on your hair either wilting or detonating in a frizz bomb. What to do? Up until this point, my plan is a ponytail or bun. But sometimes I want to use the humidity to my benefit and get some volume and curl going.

My new plan? I already love headbands, so I’ll continue using those. But I’m seriously considering the turban. Until recently, I hadn’t found one I thought I could master or that would look right on me. But now I’m in love. With this gold leather headband/turban from

It doesn’t cover your whole head, but will hold back springy tendrils and hide a litany of hair sins. Plus, it looks intentional, not like a stopgap measure, and it’s pretty. Summer is the perfect time to go a little exotic, don’t you think? $65. Online only.