Hot Mama: Now Bigger, Better

If you aren’t already a fan of Hot Mama, the newly remodeled store at 50th & France will convert you. I stopped by on Friday and was just so thrilled by what I found. The store took both its women’s and maternity collections and moved them a few doors down where Acorn used to be (a decidedly better use of space), effectively doubling in size. Hot Mama worked with FAME, a Minneapolis agency renowned for re-envisioning retail brands, and it shows: More then ever, the interior emphasizes moms, with a bigger play area, inspirational wall quotes, and loads of huge, gorgeous photos of moms and kids— including one of Jackie O and Jack Jr. It’s still cozy and welcoming like the original flagship store, but leaves no doubt of the customer Hot Mama is trying to attract. Which is not to say that you need to be a mom to shop here. In fact, with the larger space came more merchandise, and a lot of it is made for any woman who values comfy, fashion-forward clothing at really accessible prices (yes, please). Hot Mama has responded to its customers and the economy and brought in lower price points without sacrificing its signature casual-chic style. I was thrilled by the number of cute tops, chunky cardigans, and boot-friendly dresses priced under $100. If this is the new Hot Mama, I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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