How Living in Minnesota Makes You Beautiful

This last weekend was a great reminder of how lucky one is to be a resident here in Minnesota. After a beautiful time up in northern Minnesota with my family having great laughs while tubing, skiing, fishing, swimming, going for walks and runs along the lake, eating, getting a good night’s sleep, and just plain sitting in the sand laughing with my sisters—my husband and I came home feeling happy. As a result, that tension that creeps up between the brows was all smoothed out.

Here in Minnesota winter, spring, summer, and fall we are some of the luckiest people. We live in a beautiful state that affords us the luxury to have fun, and thus be beautiful all year around. When we have fun, when we laugh, when we let go of all the stress that builds up inside of us on a daily basis, we feel happier. Happy is beautiful. We are on the outside what we feel on the inside. Just watch those tension lines smooth away—all just by living here in beautiful Minnesota.

This time of year, one of the things we get to enjoy in the Twin Cities are nicely paved paths around the lakes. How about having a little fun with your routine, and changing up some of your coffee meetings to walking coffee meetings and enjoy some of that precious Minnesota sunshine while still getting your work done, or stop in to Bread and Pickle located in the Lake Harriet Band Shell while walking around the lake. You can take a picnic to the lake that is made entirely out of locally sourced and organic ingredients. If you are in need to refill your water bottle, you can fill up at their convenient water fountain.

Autumn is next in line, and immediately thoughts of blazes of Minnesota’s colorful beauty come to mind. How about a Sunday drive on Highway 61? Many years of autumns in my childhood were spent driving down this gorgeous Highway to Winona to visit our Grandparents, and college years up to Duluth to visit friends. All along this truly amazing way are orchards to stop at and restaurants to enjoy a leisurely meal.

Some say they only want to visit Minnesota in the summer and autumn. Little do they know we have a wonderful secret—winter is full of fabulous FUN in Minnesota! We have events like ice-fishing contests with big money prizesThe Loppet an elegant and glowing cross-country ski event, and miles and miles of snow mobile trails to fulfill or explore Minnesota spirits.

This brings us to spring. Literally just saying this word brings a smile to our faces doesn’t it? Although we have tones of beautiful fun in winter, we Minnesotans crave change and spring is our biggest change. Everything wakes up from its deep winter sleep. We all enjoy is sitting outside and visiting with our neighbors, getting out the grill, and seeing all the pop-up garden centers in our shopping center parking lots.

This last week really inspired me to see the lovely difference that getting out and enjoying what our wonderful state has to offer. It makes us feel invigorated both inside and outside, which in turn, helps us to achieve our own individual beauty.

So get out there and have some Minnesotan fun! Be happy, be healthy, and be beautiful.

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