How to Fake a Sports Conversation

When talking Minnesota sports, drop these tidbits to sound like you’re in the know

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So you don’t know a safety blitz from a can of Schlitz. We understand. The next time you find yourself in a sports conversation, drop these tidbits to sound like you’re in the know (and that you care).

“The new stadium is amazing, but losing quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for the year made it another star-crossed season before the first coin was tossed (and before Adrian Peterson went down as well).”

Gophers Men’s Basketball
“Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, there was last season. There’s nowhere to go but up, but does anyone really think Richard Pitino is ever going to be mentioned in the same breath as his dad?”

“Another season playing together will make puppies Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns more dangerous. But even after drafting dynamic Kris Dunn, it’s hard to see them howling in the playoffs this year.”

“Three of the all-time WNBA greats are on their current roster. GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Minnesota pro sports franchise?”

Gophers Football
“Fourth-year quarterback Mitch Leidner is as good as the U has seen in quite a while, and the schedule is as kind as it’s ever going to get in the Big 10. A step up to respectability might actually be possible.”

“This team has frozen over the fan base by being good, but not great, for too long. They should check their attitude before they get checked by the other team.”

“Twins owner called last season a ‘total system failure,’ and who can argue? No one could have predicted the Twins would be so irrelevant so soon after opening Target Field. Pretty soon we’re going to be nostalgic for Chuck Knoblauch.”

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