How To: Hollywood Hair

Sunday marked the 85th annual Academy Awards. Although the show itself has been given mixed reviews, there was no shortage of glamour and style. The Oscars are always a little preview of what is going to be hot as we move into special-event season.

In the hair category, I am predicting that glam texture will big for spring; mixing a smooth crown and fringe with loose, polished waves. Up-dos will radiate a disheveled feel, especially for the front. The look will seem as if you pulled your hair into a ponytail and lightly untucked strands. Also expect to see many more styles that include twists, rope braids, and loose chignons.

Kelly Wood of Root Salon and I recreated our favorite looks for you to compare and add to your ever-expanding ideas vault. Check out who we think did it best at the Oscars!

1. Jessica Chastain (above): It’s different than what we’ve seen in the past from the token Veronica Lake look. The accent side of the hair is tucked behind the ear and pinned, while the deep side part accentuates the smooth fringe. The hair is curled toward the face to accent her framing layers. Here’s our take:

Jessica Chastain Hair example

2. Stacy Keibler: This is a length illusion. The hair has been waved off of the face and pinned into a faux-bob shape for an up styled cut without the commitment!

Stacy Keibler Hair 

3. Jennifer Lawrence: America’s new sweetheart wore the most simple look of the night best. Her low loose chignon is a bit deconstructed with volume at the nape. She adds texture with small loose twists to top off the bun.

Jennifer Lawrence Hair 

4. Jennifer Garner: Somehow she managed to get through the night without a photo snapped of the back of her hair! We did our own spin on this up-style by braiding two separate ponytails at the nape and wrapping them into a cylindrical shape. The key here is to release a few face-framing pieces in the front to finish the look.