How to Still Look Good While Battling Spring Allergies

April indeed! Two weeks into spring it’s snowing outside, and to add insult to injury, the little break in the weather triggered my allergies. I know I don’t suffer alone. It’s difficult to look your best with the symptoms of allergy season so prominently displayed. Watery, itchy, swollen eyes, and a red nose say spring like nothing else. What to do?

In an emergency situation I pull out the big dark sunglasses throw on some red lipstick (to take attention away from my red nose) and try to get out of the store as quickly as possible. Unfortunately the symptoms usually last a few days. And I recently heard on the news that this year’s cold winter (polar vortex) may contribute to a more severe allergy season. I like to always be prepared, so here is my game plan to look good even on days when the pollen count is high:

Doctor knows best

First of all if you take allergy medicine to ease symptoms, follow your doctors instructions. I don’t operate well on allergy medicine during the day, if I take anything I usually do it at night, that way I get a good nights sleep which helps alleviate puffy eyes and dark circles. I also try to up my water intake to compensate for the moisture being lost from blowing my nose and sneezing.

Let’s start with itchy, puffy, swollen eyes—Give yourself a few extra minutes to soothe your eyes. Time invested will payoff in results that makeup alone can’t do.
Eye drops—I use homeopathic Boiron Optique 1 Eye Drops to soothe my eyes and then apply a cool compress such as cold tea bags (I keep in the fridge) or a cotton ball soaked in cold water. This combination helps with both redness and puffiness. You can use this same technique with a prescription drop as long as you follow your doctor’s instructions.

Incorporate a primer

Along with drinking more water I also incorporate a primer into my makeup routine. Primers help even out dry areas on the skin, which maybe a symptom of allergies as well as a reaction to antihistamines. Try L’Oreal’s Miracle Blur.


Redness under the eyes and around the nose can be disguised using a concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone. For days like these, I use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (SC-3 is my color).  I love it because it’s oil free and long wearing. Each compact has two colors, which allow you to customize in order to perfectly match your skin tone.

Fashionable frames

If eyes are too sensitive to apply makeup wear a cute pair of fashion frames (read no prescription) to add interest. Check out SEE in Uptown for a perfect pair of clear, prescription, or sunglasses.  If your eyes feel better, use a white or cream pencil at the water line (inside the eye). This technique makes the eyes appear more open and awake.

Last but not least, put on a happy face, as Marilyn Monroe said “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.”