I Bought Something at Macy’s

No really—I did. It’s been months since I’ve even set foot in a Macy’s. The dirty dressing rooms, understaffed sales floor, uninspired merchandise is just too depressing. What can I say; I’m still not over Marshall Field’s. But this weekend I went with a specific mission in mind: the new Rachel Rachel Roy collection for Macy’s. I am madly in love with Roy’s beauty, and her style—classic, with an urban edge (here’s a look at her spring 2009 runway show). My hope was that Roy’s new lower-priced line for Macy’s would deliver some of her signature draping and sophistication at a fraction of the price. Well, it did—and it didn’t.

There were a ton of different pieces on the floor— more than I expected, but half of it was summer clearance. I saw a lot of black and taupe, plus shots of pink and orange. The collection is heavy on boyfriend jackets and day dresses, and everything I tried on ran big. The prices—$60 for a top, for example—surprised me, considering that everything is made with astounding amounts of polyester, which tends to pill and break down very quickly. I found this dress to be super flattering, but the quality was more on par with H&M—and certainly didn’t justify the $79 price tag (on sale!). In the end, I went home with a slouchy black blouse that looks fantastic with jeans and layered necklaces. It almost looks like a designer piece. And I’m okay with that.