I Have Exciting News

I have been holding in a secret for a while, and you guys, it has been KILLING me. Are you ready?

Today I get the distinct pleasure of introducing a big, new, exciting thing for TC Style: I have a team! And it’s a Dream Team, not unlike that one year when our basketball team killed it at the Olympics. Did I just make a sports analogy on a style blog? I did. I am clearly excited to the point of delirium.

Each week we will have some of the best on-the-ground experts reporting back on trends, obsessions, finds, and more. Think of it as your personalized expert advice on hair, beauty, fashion, home décor, and all the things that come with it.

I’m thrilled to introduce:

Kate Arends of Wit & Delight. Kate is a graphic designer by day, style blogger by night, and all-around style maven 24 hours a day. She’ll be bringing all her inspirational fashion posts, tips and tricks, and other assorted miscellany. I’m sure you’ll join me in my admiration-bordering-on-obsession of her chic style.

Justine Hornick of Root Salon and Wella Professionals: She’s a hair stylist and educator, I gave her the Twin Cities’ Best Colorist award for our Best-Ofs last year, and she was part of one of our most dramatic makeover columns ever. She’s a high-octane, highly enthusiastic lady who once turned my hair the most delightful mix of pink and orange. I trust her with my HAIR. You know what kind of commitment that is.

Fatima Olive of Fatima Olive Beauty. Fatima and I have collaborated on columns and projects before. She’s a total whiz with cosmetics, and has painted the faces of the likes of CHRISTY TURLINGTON and Petra Nemcova, but she’s also down-to-Earth, witty, and every time I see her, I want her outfit for myself. Is that bad?

What really gets me about all of these women is that they are true ladies’-ladies. That is, they’re in it to help all women feel good and look good, and all of them believe in abundance—there’s not a limited amount of success in the world. They love talking style, teaching style, and, probably most importantly, having fun with style. All this to mean that big things are coming down the pike: Every day they’ll be bringing you the best advice and style news there is, plus collaborations and more.

I look forward to blogging alongside them. Please join me in welcoming them!

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