I Heart (Enter City Here)

I could wax on for hours about why I love my neighborhood (CARAG in south Minneapolis): the mixture of single-family homes and four-plex apartment buildings, the mosaic on the side of Bryant Market, the 10-minute walk from my apartment to Lake Calhoun, the parks, the way we’re close to all the nightlife but not close enough to hear the nightlife. Broaden the scope to why I love Minneapolis, and I’d hold your ears hostage for days.

That’s why the Results.net City and Neighborhood Film Festival is so impressive to me. Not only are the participants fellow citizens obsessed with their place of residence, but they’re talented enough to artfully and tastefully display their affections in three-minute movies. I repeat: three minutes. If you’d asked me to do that, I would have told you it’s impossible.

This year’s film fest is being held Thursday, November 29, at Riverview Theater in south Minneapolis (which, coincidentally, is one of my thousands of reasons for loving this city). The night will include a presentation of the 20 film finalists, plus live music by The Atlantis Quartet, regulars at the Artists’ Quarter jazz club in downtown St. Paul. Entries range from comedy to drama to documentaries, the only thing tying them all together being that the city/neighborhood on display is in the seven-county metro area, or St. Croix and Pierce counties of Wisconsin. Of the 20 finalists, five will be chosen for prizes ranging from $2,000 (first place) to $250 (fifth place).

Added bonus: ticket proceeds support future filmmakers in the form of scholarships to Minneapolis Community and Technical College Film Department.

If you love your city, film, or one-of-a-kind retro throwback theaters that make a person nostalgic for an era in which they never even lived, then The Riverview is the place to be Thursday night. There are few better ways I can think of to spend $5—not counting the real-butter popcorn you can (read: MUST) get at the theater.

Results.Net City and Neighborhood Film Festival
Thursday, November 29
5:30 p.m. | $5
Riverview Theater, 3800 43nd Ave. S., Mpls.
612-729-7369, riverviewtheater.com