If Summer Ever Arrives…

Waking up to 33 degrees on May 3 feels ridiculous and I am starting to feel even more foolish for my optimism that this HAS to get better any minute now. Seasonally onward we must proceed! I was shopping at Target the other night, just picking up my essentials, when I spied from afar a very appealing tote bag. (Upon further inspection, the price is also appealing: $20!)

It’s part of the Calypso St. Barth collection for Target. I immediately envisioned a total look with this tote: either a chambray shirtdress or white cropped denim with a chambray shirt. When I started poking around to see what else they’d created for the collaboration, I decided the waist would be cinched with this belt ($17):

Then I started digging around the lookbook, where I learned that Calypso also happens to have some darling linen espadrilles ($30):

I don’t love the crops under this dress—although the crops might be cute with another outfit, maybe a military olive green silk blouse?—but I do love the dress, which is $40. (Embrace the floppy hat—it’ll prevent wrinkles for only $15.):

Calypso St. Barth is also doing home goods for Target—dishes, teapots, and the like. But what intrigued me most was this gold pouf ($60):

A perfect patio perch or a place to set your serving tray, all loaded up with margaritas.

Hurry up, summer!