If The Shoe Fits

As a flats-loving style editor (I’m living proof that those phrases can coexist peacefully), I am loving the latest influx of loafers and moccasins that have come along. Zara has some great options if you’re on a budget—did you hear they’re now offering online ordering and delivery in the US? I snapped up some patent-leather ballerina flats—and I fell in love with the pictured pair last week at Nordstrom. Love the finish and the menswear styling—I’d wear these with skinnies and a sweater vest, or nerd it out with a button-up, pleated skirt, and argyle socks. Actually, I can imagine a million ways to wear them, which means I need to go back and snap them up. That’s always my true test for whether I want it—sort of a take on that “if you love it, set it free”—leave, and let outfit ideas and the desire to buy come back to me. $80.

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