Inside The Shows: MN Fashion Week

Last night I went to MNfashion’s The Shows featuring local designers Gina Marie Vintage, Nicole Larson, Max Lohrbach, Kjurek, and Ivan Idland presented at Aria.

It never ceases to amaze me how much creative talent there is in the Twin Cities. There must be something in the water that fuels the arts, whether the medium is paint, food, clothing, or hair styling, as I saw last night.

Max Lohrbach presented a wonderful spin on a white tuxedo shirt and navy A-line skirt, as well as some Minnesota-worthy fur mittens with hands inlayed. The mittens really caught my eye as they were both whimsical and practical:

I also loved Ivan Idland’s collection, especially a certain black jumper, which I could actually see myself in.

All said, since my area of expertise is beauty, I was most impressed with the hair created by Charlie Brackney of Haus salon and the Blow Dry Bar. Without a doubt the textured looks were worthy of strutting any cat walk across the globe. I especially loved the looks created for Max Lohrbach and Kjurek. These two shows followed one another so the hair needed to be switched quickly while still creating a completely unique feel for each show, which Brackney and team pulled off marvelously.

By the way, girls, dust off those crimping irons because the hit of the night was texture—specifically crimping, which made the shapes (bobs for Max Lohrbach and French twists for Kjurek) more modern. All the looks were created using various lengths of hair, proving a great stylist can create magic with or without a pair of shears.

If you’re out and about tonight looking for something do, stop by Aria and support our local artists. Who knows, you may end up with a list of must-haves that you don’t have to travel too far to acquire.

MNfashion Runway Shows
Aria, 105 N. First St., Mpls., 612-342-2742
6:30 cocktail hour; 7:30 show start
Shows tonight will showcase collections from Mary Pranica, TIM + THOM, Samantha Rei, Caroline Hayden, and Christopher Straub