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If you are what you eat, then it stands to reason that you are also…what you wear, at least on your skin and scalp.

Intelligent Nutrients, a Minnesota homegrown company, is changing the environmental price we pay for beauty, by offering a line of truly unique products with low impact and great performance.

Justine and I recently spent some time learning about the company, its philosophy, and what makes them stand out from Jeanne Joramo and Jamie Richards.

According to Jeanne Joramo, stylist and trainer at IN, “The word natural has lost its meaning,” so at IN they are going for “it”: as in, certified organic, food-grade ingredients. If you are spending time and money eating organic, wearing organic on your body, is the natural progression.

While there, I had an aura reading (high tech with a computer, charts, and graphs) that showed my overall state of being, and helped me chose the right Certified Organic Aromatic Elixirs to wear. These elixirs can be used all over the body to moisturize, as well as create a more balanced state. After smelling and applying these fresh plant oils, it’s hard to go back to faux fragrances (those made with chemicals).

All this “pureness” had me thinking about my daughter and her obsession with makeup (well, her mom is a makeup artist!) and the two products that we have incorporated from Inteligent Nutrients that I feel good about her using.

Intelligent Nutrients: Lip Delivery Nutrition & Antioxidant Gloss

Anything you wear on your lips can be absorbed and if you lick your lips also ingested, so lip products are the perfect place to incorporate food-grade ingredients.

Here are a few of the amazing ingredients in this gloss:

  • Certified Organic Intellimune Superantioxidant Proprietary blend
  • Acai oil
  • Beeswax
  • Coconut oil
  • Rosehips oil
  • Shea butter

Here is what this gloss does not have:

  • Gluten
  • Mined minerals
  • Synthetic oils & waxes
  • Lead & other heavy metals
  • Synthetic colorants & fragrances
  • Iron oxides

And to be honest, these glosses are near and dear to my heart because I worked on shading them. The formula is heavenly and the colors are not only beautiful but very wearable.

Certified Organic Bug Repellent Perfume Serum and Spray

Here is a bug spray that actually will attract humans while deterring insects. The downside is you need to apply a bit more often, but with a sweet tradeoff: It is free of DEET, which makes me feel good about dousing my daughter with it.

As a matter of fact, just this weekend I was having dinner in the backyard and I had just sprayed my daughter when a friend came over and asked what the lovely smell was. It really does attract humans!

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