It’s Cold Outside. How’s Your Hair?

If you haven’t noticed, the tempurature today is below zero. Again. By now you’ve given up on looking stylish and given in to your down puffer and Uggs. So I really only have one question: What are you doing for your hair?

In these harsh, dry conditions, even the healthiest hair needs a boost. If you’ve never treated your tresses to a deep-conditioning treatment, now is the time. I went to ReVamp Salonspa for the Nigelle HY, a three-part treatment that hydrates and smooths the cuticle using a combination of conditioners and oils. One week after the treatment and my fine hair is still silky, shiny, and manageable—without being weighed down as is so often the case with rich conditioners. I was sent home with four sample vials of the treatment to prolong the effect, which should last a couple of months. The cost: $35 and up.

For a cheaper, DIY fix, I love Frederic Fekkai Salon Glaze Clear Shine Rinse. It’s not as intensive as a salon treatment, but with weekly use of this lightweight mask your hair will look healthier and—there’s that word agaim—shiny. I shampoo and condition as usual, squeeze out excess water, and add a thin coat of the glaze from root to tip. While it does it’s thing for 5 minutes, I sneak in a face scrub or micro-derm.  The cost: $28/bottle.   

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