Junk Happens

Try as I might, I am not a crafty person. My ability to create something from nothing is limited to the cross-stitching Christmas ornaments (which I haven’t done since I was 10) and the paint-penning cups for sorority events (I am rather good at bubble letters).  Perhaps my lack of artistry makes me all the more enamored of those who can actually implement their ideas. You know the type: They can reupholster a chair they picked up from the side of the road, or turn an old apron into a chic handbag. Whatever.

Since I haven’t completely given up on myself, however, I love to troll vintage stores like Hunt & Gather for things that one fine, fine day I will know exactly how to magically turn into something that doesn’t look like I just went to a vintage store and plucked it randomly from the shelf and dropped into my uncool, uncrafty cape cod-style house.

So I’m not sure whether to be excited or intimidated by Junk Bonanza, which starts today right here in the Twin Cities. Junksters from all over the country turn out for this juried show featuring 100 vendors from the upper Midwest. They’ll be selling antique furniture, vintage home decor, jewelry, and “good old junk”—which I’ve been reassured does NOT include Beanie Babies. Ki Nassauer, an author, designer, and regular columnist for Country Home magazine, is the brains behind the event. She’s made a career out of salvaging objects and repurposing them into tasteful and useful decorative household items. I hate her. 

JUNK BONANZA                       
September 11-13 
Medina Entertainment Center
500 Highway 55
Medina, MN 55340
Admission: $5 each day