Kieran Folliard

My favorite things

Founder, Cooper, the Liffey, the Local, and Kieran’s Irish Pub;

Kieran Folliard has the luck of the Irish. The keeper of the Cities’ most beloved pubs recently opened his fourth, Cooper (pictured), in St. Louis Park. Here’s what makes his cup runneth over.

Beer: Finnegan’s, Guinness, and Crispin. Whiskey: Big Gingers. Bar besides your own: Brit’s.The English and the Irish—can’t we all get along? Non-alcoholic beverage: Water, no ice. Breakfast: Boiled egg, Irish brown bread, tea with milk. City: The Twin Cities, otherwise I’d live somewhere else. Workout: I run 365 days a year. Escape: Newspaper and a pint. Indulgence: Ice cream, freezing cold. Mode of transportation: Trains. Food: Chicken curry the way my sister makes it. Music: Neil Young, and videos of old bands that I watch late-night on YouTube. Entertainment: Reading subtitles—I love foreign films. Movie: Cinema Paradiso. TV show: I haven’t owned a television for 10 years. (And Star Tribune TV critic Neal Justin is a good friend of mine!) Author: William Trevor. Business icons: Michael O’Leary of Ryanair. If I name another one I’ll have to charge ya. Gift you’ve received: Nose-hair clipper. Way to spend Friday night: Shomer Shabbos (my wife likes that one). Expression: My father used to say, “You’re a long time dead.” Meaning, you had better enjoy the journey. Childhood memory: Pints were so bloody cheap.