Knit Wit

Twin Cities’ Hackwith Design House is mastering the art of go-anywhere, do-anything knit separates

Husband-and-wife team Dustin and Lisa Hackwith started out making a “fashionable fleece” sweater for Dustin’s family’s all-handmade Christmas gathering in 2009. Like all good ideas, it quickly took on a life of its own. By February 2010, demand had surpassed Lisa’s supply capacity, so she quit her day job to pursue fashion full time. (Dustin handles the graphic design and branding aspects of the business.) By 2011, Hackwith Design House was name-checked in Lucky magazine. Talk about an ascent! It’s easy to see why she’s caught fire this past year—her chic, wearable, affordable designs transition from casual to dressy, and day to evening, with the switch of an accessory or two. Hackwith’s knits put a twist on timeless looks—a perfect anchor during these shaky times. Available at Picky Girl, Design Collective, Parc Boutique, and

Photos: Caylon Hackwith; Talent: Madelynn Furlong and Cassie Furlong

1. Ginger dress, $110.

2. Two-piece shawl dress, $110. 

3. Striped shawl dress, $95; Sweet-Top dress, $90. 

4. Tan shawl cardi, $100; Sharpcut dress, $95. 

5. Fall blouse, $110. 

6. Classic Fashion fleece, $120. 

7. Snow-shawl cardi, $90; Mustard dress, $110 

8. Nautical dress, $110. 

9. Midnight sweater, $85; Lipstick dress, $90. 

10. Smooth dress, $106.