Last-Minute Makeover: A Tale of a Haircut

My new cubemate and assistant editor here at MNMO, Ellen Burkhardt, had been telling me just days ago that she was looking for a new haircut. She’s a fresh grad in her first full-time job—a perfect time for a hair transition, I thought. 

Then I happened to see on Facebook that Root Salons in St. Paul needed a hair model for a cutting class. “Hey, Ellen,” I called over our shared wall, “I think I have just thing for you…” After a little bit of convincing (we’re all protective of our hair, right?), she set up the appointment.

Let me preface this by saying that Ellen had a darling haircut to begin with—we just wanted to polish it and change it up a little. So off we went with a little bit of trepidation and a lot of courage. Here’s the before (right).

The great thing about teaching classes is that the stylist is already licensed—he or she is simply getting more education to fit the Root aesthetic. Stylist Kayla and Ellen had a long consultation—what do you love about your hair? What do you hate? How much work are you willing to put in? Ellen has the blow drying and spray waxing skills down, so it automatically qualified her for something a little sassier. (This made Justine, lead stylist, and Jim, stylist and owner, positively giddy.)

Kayla methodically worked her way through the cut—snipping here, razoring there—while Jim and Justine checked in, asked questions, and assured all of us that this was the best cut for Ellen’s face. (As for me, I loved lounging in the chair and soaking up the urban feel of the salon—and occasionally providing moral support.)

After blow-drying and tousling (and using surprisingly little product), Ellen was ready to go, with a haircut that styles easier than it looks. The face-framing layers show off her amazing bone structure and eyes.

The sides and back are heavily layered and give the cut natural volume. Ellen straightened her hair today and it gives it an even piecey-er look! (See below.) Love multiple utility in a haircut. So cute!

Root salon is always looking for models to participate in their training classes—watch Root’s Facebook page for casting calls!

Root Salons, 499 Selby Ave., St. Paul, 651-222-0200

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