Last Night's Fashion: Emma Berg and Kevin Kramp

I am still on a little bit of a high from last night’s theatrical MNFashion show, featuring the work of Emma Berg and Kevin Kramp.

Emma is well-known on the arts scene, from her curation of Fox Tax Gallery and Haus Salon to her embellished-by-hand, draped garments. The opening video montage, which featured flashes of all the frustrating news events of the past year as though one was changing the channel with a remote control, told the story of her inspiration and influences. (Note the “oil spill” dress below.) There were audible gasps, mini standing ovations, and thrilled looks from onlookers as the models paraded past. The most moving part of the evening, for me, was an all-red ensemble, the emblazoned with a takeoff on the ubiquitous “Keep Calm and Carry On” signs—with a crown and the phrase “It Gets Better,” the slogan from a recent anti-bullying campaign focusing on LGBT teens. (Pictured at right; I was unable to get a clear photo of the front.) It also felt like a rally cry for optimism despite everything we’ve been hearing lately. Here are a few of my favorite looks from Emma’s collection—which would look perfect on a lot of famous folk, from Lady Gaga to Tilda Swinton—though I enjoyed the collection in its entirety.


Kevin Kramp also didn’t disappoint. He’s recently been spotted all over the globe, from Antwerp to Italia. We are lucky to have a knitwear designer of his caliber right here in the Twin Cities. This collection felt much more wearable from some of his past, more high-concept pieces. Loved the glittery fibers —and the addition of female models to his lineup, which were met with much cheering when they strutted down the runway. Kramp fittingly ended his straight-up fun show with a victory lap on a tiny bike, posing for the cameras at the end of the runway, and sending everyone off feeling inspired and full of joy. Here are a few of the looks I loved.


Tonight is the seventh anniversary of the Voltage: Fashion Amplified show at First Avenue, and The Shows definitely set the stage for the weekend roundup of designers, bands, and events. Can’t wait!