Lazy Weekend

Lest I become one of those bloggers, who chatters on about absolutely nothing–thinking the snow, my stubbed toe, or what I ate for breakfast is fascinating to anyone besides my mother–let me be clear: this blog is in honor of my favorite SNL skit, Lazy Sunday. If you haven’t discovered this video treasure trove, you’re about to forget all about the writers’ strike. Speaking of which . . . I won’t comment here about the SAG awards because Juno wasn’t up for Best Picture, the dresses weren’t all that exciting, and I spent most of the show toggling back to the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie.

Anyway, I had a lazy weekend. I’ve been a bit under the weather (see – how dull is that?!).

On Friday night, I caught up with a dear friend at the Local. It’s my favorite downtown happy hour, and based on the crowds, everyone else’s. If you go, don’t ask for a Blue Moon. It’s Leinie’s Sunset Wheat in these parts. And anything deep-fried is probably worth eating. En route I popped into Target. The downtown store gets set with product before any other, so it’s a great way to preview the latest merchandise up-close. I’ve worked for Target twice, my husband works there now, and I’ve shopped there my entire life. All of this qualifies me to say we can live without Isaac. He was invaluable to Target when they first teamed up, but I’m much more excited about the new DwellStudio partnership (look for a preview in our March issue) than any of Isaac’s 80s-inspired designs. I counted two items in my closet, and one is in the “consign” pile. Target has actually come along way with its Merona collection (no one is paying me to say this), which often has classic styling and the right price point. I may not pay $50 for a polyurethane bag (why, oh why?), but at $40 this trench coat is a steal.

On Saturday I mustered up the energy for a bang trim, which turned into a texturizing (I don’t ask questions), and a banner trip to Banana Republic. For some reason, the 50th and France location amasses a ton of sale merchandise (again, I don’t ask questions). I found two pairs of light-weight wool trousers (which I wear year-round), in my size, at 75 percent off.

I spent Sunday puttering away on DIY projects. Now I am not crafty or handy, but I want to be. On a trip to Macy’s Flea Market with the every-crafty designer, Laura Nellie, I had picked up a bunch of vintage buttons. The little baubles, some glass, some leather, were just so sweet. My mom tells me I had a thing for buttons as a child, so there you have it. Anyway, I decided to freshen up a shirt and a jacket with my little treasures–and you know what? It worked. After I sewed them on the wrong side of the shirt, but whatever. I’m now eyeing my khaki macintosh coat, which might benefit from a few tortoise shell buttons. I’ll have to make a trip to Treadle Yard Goods. But not for fabric, which I recently purchased from Amy Butler for throw pillows. If only I could sew . . .