Local Sparkle: 3 Places to Create Custom Rings

Yes, you can travel the world in search of the perfect ring—and well, quite frankly, how much fun would that be?! You know I would be all over that adventure, but it is not necessary with the talent and resources we have right here in the Twin Cities. Everything to make your Valentine’s dreams come true can be easily found right here. We Minnesotans have it going on (but of course in a very humble Minnesotan way)!

Many of you already know of the local top-notch jewelers like Arthurs, or RF Moeller.  Their reputation for fabulous customer service and unique selection precedes them.

But, let’s say you have this idea for the ideal ring in mind you cannot get out of your head. It is the perfect vision of what you want. Or, let’s say you are lucky enough to get your grandmother’s or your mother’s engagement ring and want to take those special stones and put them into something that is you, but still honors them. Hmmmm…where does one begin? Who would understand the ideas you are trying to get across, and then be able to actually make it for you?  Who can customize a ring for just for you?

Again, as mentioned, we are a lucky bunch to be surrounded by wonderful talent, so I will focus on a few standouts I just know you will LOVE—each with very wonderfully different styles.

1. EC Designs

EC Designs
Photo courtesy of EC Designs

Artist Emily Johnson’s beautiful hand-forged pieces are sold both locally and nationally. She has quite a following, and many of her pieces are highlighted in various publications’ “Best Of” features.  Emily works her sculptural geometric magic in the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis. 

2. BW Rings

BW Jewelers
Photo courtesy of BW Rings

You really must check out Artist Brian Walter’s inspirational Design of the Month, or his patented Ultra 8 design—an eight-sided ring design that won’t twist around on your finger. Brian and his cutting-edge shining, sparkly ingenuity can be found right in Excelsior on Water St.

3. Robert Foote Jeweler

Robert Foote
Photo courtesy of Robert Foote Jewelers

Robert has won prestigious awards for his designs, including first place in the American Gem Trade Association’s Spectrum awards. When you walk into Robert and his wife Kim’s store, located off 50th and France in Edina, you are greeted with displays of sparkly one-of-a-kind pieces to get your ideas rolling. Everything you see is hand crafted by Robert and will set your romantic heart afire.

Whatever your Valentine’s and your style, taste, ideas, or intention, here in Minnesota you are in the best of hands.