Local Stylist Gets Real

Set your TiVos: Twiggs Salon owner Shauna Raisch premiers May 10 on the Style Network’s hair-raising drama, Split Ends. We’ll see what happens when the Wayzata-based Raisch trades places with a spoiled hairdresser from a salon in Arizona. A third-generation master stylist, Raisch has developed quite a following in Minnesota (including a local celebrity or two), and has done hair and make-up for the runways at Fashion Week.  

In my world, there’s always room for more reality TV—especially when it’s about the things we already obsess over, like hair, clothes, or food. Throw in a local stylist and I’m popping popcorn and sipping champagne. So of course I couldn’t wait for the show to air. I had to ask Raisch for a little dirt. Here’s what she said we can expect:

Remember this is TV and good TV is all about drama! The editing room does wonders for creating drama! While I will be seeing the complete version of the show for the first time when it airs on Saturday, I would expect to be portrayed as the diva who gets mad when she doesn’t get what she wants. And this isn’t exactly true. Well, maybe a little! I imagine that my staff will be portrayed as strict, training monsters. Also expect to see Krisanna, the stylist who I swapped with, acting like a spoiled brat who has only worked for her mom.

This won’t be the last we see of Raisch. She has a couple other reality TV projects in the works, a new product launch is in her future, and she will head back to New York and L.A. for Fashion Week this fall.