if the throngs of crowds that hit last winter’s Lululemon warehouse sale are any indication, there’s plenty of demand for chic activewear in the Twin Cities.

The new Lolë in the North Loop is just one of 10 in the country, though the Montreal-born brand isn’t new to Minnesotans: It’s been stocked at local retailers, including Midwest Mountaineering and Hoigaard’s, for nine years. But a full Lolë store offers more options for activewear that easily transitions from the gym to the streets.

“Specialty shops carry just a portion of the line,” explains local Lolë proprietor Tammy Bierk. “Store owners are sometimes afraid to buy the more fashion-forward items.”

Those stylish pieces include a jumpsuit designed to go from Pilates straight to happy hour when teamed with a blazer and heels, and silky harem pants that pair as well with stretchy yoga tops as cardigans. The brand’s head designer, Andy Thê-Anh, has a background in haute couture and takes pleasure in translating ideas from the runway to activewear. Watch for motorcycle-style warm-up jackets as well as braiding and intricate details on tops.

To create a community of Lolë enthusiasts, the store plans regular runs and bike rides, and offers free yoga classes on the Dock Street Flats rooftop on Saturday mornings, so you can put your new purchase to use in downward-facing dog.

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