Louise Gray Launches a Line of Quilts

Minnesota has a rich textile tradition, from historic underwear maker Munsingwear to heritage blanket weaver Faribault Woolen Mill. Now Louise Gray, a new line of handmade throws, offers a fresh take on the quilting tradition.

Co-founder Alexandra Gray Bennett was inspired by her mother’s love of quilting, which she passed on to Bennett at a young age. She met her future creative director Jocelin Johnson while working at local stationery and accessory company Russell + Hazel. The pair wanted to create a contemporary alternative to the traditional quilt, while maintaining the handcraftsmanship of cutting, piecing, embroidery, quilting, and binding associated with the blankets.

Instead of the typical quilt’s mismatched patterns and kaleidoscopic color scheme, the six designs from the brand’s debut collection merge a minimalist sensibility, geometric shapes, and a neutral palette. They’d be right at home in a contemporary art gallery, a craftsman bungalow, and a North Loop loft alike. • Available at Wilson & Willy’s, Forage Modern Workshop, Martin Patrick 3, Mille, and louisegray.com