Lovely Lush

Lucky us: Lush is coming to 50th & France, sometime late this month. Especially well-timed was this Ray of Sunshine box, which mysteriously appeared on my desk this past week. (I hadn’t seen the press release, so I thought someone was just being nice for all of about five seconds.) Still, this rainy, gloomy week needed exactly that—an injected dose of happy sun rays.

I do use a few Lush products: I love their Eau Roma water toner, which is great for sensitive and dry skin, as it is imbued with rose and lavender. So refreshing and pretty. I also love their Sweet Lips, a chocolate-flavored sugar scrub (good enough to eat!) that exfoliates my lips, making them ready for red-lipstick wearing. I have been known to enjoy a bar of soap or two, a bath bomb…OK, you get the point. And their stuff always makes a fun gift, plus the saleswomen are usually doing yummy hand scrubs or something in-store while you’re shopping (and yes, this causes one to spend more money than anticipated, but I’ve yet to regret buying a product there).

The deli-style setup is also kind of fun—things are packed fresh and labeled with the worker’s name who completed the work—plus use-by dates. If you care about the ingredients in your products or banning excess packaging, Lush understands you—and doesn’t sacrifice the luxury part of the product, as the name should tell you.

So inside this box was a ginger sugar scrub, an Olive Branch shower gel, a Sexy Peel soap (my favorite scent there—bonus!), and Each Peach massage bar. I can’t wait to try ’em out—I’ll keep you posted on what I think and a date as we get closer to the opening!