Lucky Strike

There’s a reason I opened my March style section with a smattering of lucky charms: I’m totally obsessed. I have been for quite a while now, but it seems that we’re now getting critical mass in the boutiques and malls. I can’t get enough. I’m pretty sure my right bicep is getting bigger than the left from all the charm bracelets (mostly vintage) I’ve had noisily dangling off them recently. (The secret ways we could get exercise! I might be on to a million-dollar idea, here.)

Naturally, I was delighted—there was an audible gasp—when these darling, Jennifer Zeuner-designed 14K vermeil necklaces popped up at OPM Boutique. So dainty and sweet, and such a smart collection of symbols. It might be a little spring gift to yourself (along with, say, a striped maxi dress and some espadrilles…or is that just me?)—and I think it’s just the perfect thing for a Mother’s Day gift. Price point is between $121-$165—the higher end includes a diamond accent. I think they could also look trés chic if they were worn as a pair or trio. Any holidays aside, who wouldn’t use a little more luck?

3700 Grand Way, St. Louis Park, 952-567-7399