LuLu Organics Hair Oil

Between the chlorine, the sun, and the humidity, summer can do a number on even the most lustrous of locks. Local beauty brand LuLu Organics has jumped—or perhaps slid—on the hair-oil bandwagon to provide respite for damaged strands with its latest product, made of five nourishing organic oils that work together to hydrate, strengthen, and fight frizz. Handmade exclusively from all-natural materials, the oil blend adds polish to beauty routines and leaves strands with a fresh herbal scent (think lavender, clary sage, and just a hint of rosemary)—and its ingredients can be counted on one’s fingers. Beauty products always get bonus points when they refine the appearance of a bathroom vanity, and the earthy illustration on the bottle (created by Linda Aldredge, the brand’s CEO and a former graphic designer) is worth showing off. • 

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