Macy's Flower Show's “Art in Bloom”: The Art of Technology

The 2015 edition of the long-running Macy’s Flower Show is always a must-do tradition for Minnesotans who are craving a taste of spring amid mid-March snowfalls. As usual, the annual flower show—created in partnership with local floral and garden center Bachman’s—delivers its artfully arranged mix of flowers, plants, and artisan embellishments, revolving around the theme of “Art in Bloom.” But this year’s show tries something strikingly different: a technology twist that seamlessly blends the organic with the digital. A remake of Michelangelo’s famous statue of David is projected with imagery of moving flora and geometric shapes, a trick made possible with the use of pixel-mapping technology, while a bed of hydrangeas serves as a canvas for projected images of famous artworks. Capping off the technology aspect is the Artista Impresso app, a custom app created by JixiPix especially for the show, which allows users to digitally transform images taken at the show into brushstroked works of art via an Instagram-like filter. Best of all, the show successfully managed to incorporate these digital elements without taking the focus off the stars of the show: its beautiful plants and gorgeous-looking (and gorgeous-smelling) flowers.

[Read my interview with Bachman’s CEO Dale Bachman on this year’s show]

Below are some photo highlights from this year’s show—but believe me, they definitely aren’t a replacement from seeing the show in person. It’s the perfect mid-day break from the office (and the snowy weather).

Macy’s Flower Show runs March 22–April 4 at Macy’s, 700 Nicollet Mall, Mpls., free. Visit for more information including details on special events taking place during the run of the show.

[Photos by Adam Bettcher for Macy’s]

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